Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday rants - New London & Non-smokers Rights

2 totally unconnected points this morning. well this lunchtime really

  • People travelling on the London Underground are now scared to use ipods or any other wirey type thing in case they look like bombers, or more so, in case they don’t hear police shouting at them. Also, an Asian guy has taken to carrying a bottle of wine so he doesn’t risk looking like an Islamic terrorist. All this from the BBC. London is reaching paranoia. Cant really blame them though.
  • Also, when arriving at work, I hate having the last piece of fresh air I inhale contaminated by cigarette smoke. Why do smokers have the right to stand by entrances, blowing their fowl carcinogenic crap into the air in my pathway to work? I don’t have a big issue with going into a smoky bar as I have made that decision to go in (I could just stay at home and stay smoke free) and so can’t really complain from where I stand, but I have to walk past the smoky smokers and their smelly smoky stinky pot full of smoldering butts and ashes to get to my job. While working in Indiana some time back, I remember them having a city (maybe state?) law that people can’t smoke within a specified distance from an entrance to a non smoking building. That was great!!! No contamination on the way into work. C’mon Michigan, do the same. Yea yea smokers rights smokers rights. What about non smokers rights?

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