Thursday, June 22, 2006

CD of the day

I guess it would have been "Album of the Day" not so long ago.

Johnny Cash - Live At Folsom Prison.

It's gotta be one of the best ever.

In fact, Johnny was a hero.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Its been a while. There have been a bunch of things I'd written a little about, but not a lot and since it is sommertime now and I have a new job, I've not had a great dela of time to do all this blogging business.

Anyway, its stormy here and there's a tornado watch in effect. so far only a bit of rain a few flashes and a lot of rumbles, but we'll see. The rain will do the chillis and tomatoes good.

On that I must get planting the fenugreek and daikon seens my work friend (of old and now new again) supplied me with. I heve no clue how they will turn out, but cooking the fenugreek if it grows will provide the neighbors with a wonderful aroma. Well I think its good.

Anyway, I seen a crazy sight yesterday. Driving down I75. White ~early 90's thunderbird 2 cars in front of me. ikts round about 4 pm, so its the usual shuffle, 70 mph back to 10 to 70 again. Anyway, out of the sun roof of this thinderbird pops two girls. OK, methinks, they are going to stand on the rear seat.. no. The proceed to climb onto the top of the front seat backs. and stand up. Then the cars start to accererate back to 70 and they are forced to sit down. They looked amazingly unstable and one alsmost went over the side. after some gigling and wobbling the car exits. Lucky for the idiots.

IDIOTS!!! where are the cops when you need them?? Where is darwin?? In fairness its the poor driver behind then who would run over them if they got flipped off their perch who i would feel most sorry for.