Sunday, July 24, 2005

Avatars, woogles, and Holly

Seen some great bands on Friday .. none of whom I knew a whole lot about beforehand. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY with THE WOOGLES & THE AVATARS.

The Avatars (pic above)kicked off the show. Kinda new wave punky mixture with some decent poppy rock n roll. Apparently no releases apart from a 7” single (yep the vinyl kind). HURRY UP AVATARS. I spent time trying to tell my friend that I’d heard of them, and on further investigation, they played the Hamtramck Blowout. These guys are good. They need to hurry up and get them CD’s together and out there.

Next up were The Woogles. Talk about musical entertainers. These guys made me feel tired just by watching. At one point, only the drummer was left on the stage. An aural Buffet. That’s what The Professor, their lead man, wrote in the CD I bought. It’s a fine description. The seem to mix 50’s and 60’s surfy type riffs with blues, pop and country, the professor is energetic to the end, and the bad are more coordinated in a twisted entertaining way than a military marching band. I can’t believe I’ve not heard of them, they have been around for years. The pic here is apparently out-of-date, but all I could find. The guitarist, (at the front) sadly passed away last year. Updates here when I find them meself.

All in all, I recommend this band highly and will be looking out for them in the future.

Headlining was England’s Holly Golightly.
Known to me only by her recent work with the White Stripes, it was her who attracted my friend to the gig. International folk with a south-of-england peasanty twist, she was pretty good. Oh yea, and throw some country type blues in there too. The lack of a playlist made this concert all the more raw. As I like it. Also, the swapping of instrument playing too.
Altogether a great night.

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