Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Strange night

We went to our first Wings hockey game of the season at the Joe last night. Instead of leaving being elated, or even dissappointed, we left their worried. We had really good seats too, section 222 behind the wings bench. We had seen about 12 minutes of hockey when everybody stood up. I seen Shannie waving and shouting, and people rushing around. We still were unsure what was happening. "There is somebody, number 20-something on the ground" . We started to try to work out who it was by trying to see who was still standing and eliminate . Eventually swomeone said it was Jiri Fischer.
Everyone was on their cellphones. T-Mobile let me down, i couldn't get a line. Then all the stories started. "He got hit by a puck in the throat". "He got speared in the chest". "He got slashed in the neck". More later..

Get well, Jiri.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

This guy braved the wind today...

and because of the wind i got really close!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why bother?

In Costco the other day. At lunchtime. Was in line to get some unhealthy food. Hey it was quick.\!
There was this ~larger~ lady in front of me. she ordered 3 hot dogs!! 3!!! /?These are almost foot-longs!! Guess what she was drinking? Diet coke! It was only her, cos u get a drink with every hot dog.. she gave the other cups back.
Now, maybe I'm just misled, but why do people who are way overweight "prefer" the taste of diet drinks?

Friday, November 04, 2005


look, I have no issue with people smoking. If you want to smoke then go ahead. In your own time. In your space. Not our space. Please follow these rules:

If you smoke, please don't take out health insurance, please save the equivilant of what you spend on cigarettes and use it when smoking makes you sick to pay for your healthcare. Don't rely on me to subsidise you.
If you smoke, do not do so around kids. Ever.
If you have a wheesy bad chest and are sick for something smoking causes, please dont smoke. It annoys me.
If you happen to be driving along and you get to the end of your cigarette, DO NOT throw it out the window, as its nasty and its fumes get into the car behind you. In particular dont do it if I'm behind you, because, if you catch me at a certain angle in a certain light, then you may not need to worry about smoking related ilnesses. Especially if it is on I696. On a nice airy morning
In fact, do not ever throw a cigarette but out the window of your car. What give YOU the right to litter?? Eat the dang thing. Stick it up your nose. Stick it samewhere else. Lit as well, you selfish tosser. Just do not make it someone elses problem. Got it?
When you get more colds than the rest of us, dont whine. Dont take time off work which the rest of us have to cover.
Do not EVER complain about drug users or addicts. no explanation needed.
Don't stand near me being all smelly wehn i want to enter/leave a building
Even when outdoors, do not throw the buts on the ground. Take them with you. Eat them.
Also, if you are a chick with long hair, driving on I696 around 8 last wednesday, DO NOT SMOKE, COMB UR HAIR, AND DRIVE AT THE SAME TIME! Cos you nearly took me and a half dozen others out.

Lets see....


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pumpkin.. and i feel a bit dizzy
Question: Did they grease it for you?