Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tigerfest 2009 at Comerica Park. The Detroit Tigers are BACK IN TOWN!!

Spring must be on the way! There’s baseball activity – the Tigers just signed a reliever – Brandon Lyon to help the bullpen, and Tigerfest was underway today.

Carhartt Tiger
The guarding tiger at Comerica Park reminded us that it was still cold with his winter coat on.

Ice Sculptor

Ice sculpturing was underway – no chance of it melting in the 16 degree Fahrenheit temp.


Miguel Cabrera immortalized in this fine statue. Immortalized until it warms up that is.

Unfortunately, what was as close as we got to seeing him today.

Always a tiger ice

Comerica Early Winter Morning
The look of the ball park would send a shiver down yer spine today. Hey, here’s an idea. Why not have a hockey game at a ball park in the winter?? Wait…

Andy Van Slyke

Zach Simons

Clubhouse sign

Executive Locker

2000 Tigers

2005 Tigers

2006 Tigers

manager sign

Jim Leylands Office

Jim Leylands Office2

wall of fame

clubhouse 1

clubhouse 2

clubhouse 3

Tigers clubhouse

Tigers gym

DTigers Massage Room

wall of fame old

Paws 08 back

Paws 08


Wilkin Ramirez

Comerica from Lounge

wall in club

wall in club2

Kyle Bloom

Comerica from Lounge2

baseball bat desk

Rick Porcello

Dusty Ryan

North American International Auto Show Detroit 2009 (NAIAS) - Hyundi

car of the year

hyundi azera

hyundi i-mode concept 4

hyundi i-mode concept 3

hyundi i-mode concept 2

hyundi i-mode concept


SantaFe handprints