Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Brazillian

The Brazilian guy who got shot up in London last week was not a terrorist, but was on an expired student visa. So that’s why maybe he was running. He was also wearing a coat in hot weather, making him look suspicious. Turns out he wore a coat anyway, coming from brazil, London’s balmy summer seemed relatively cool. Bad luck. Now, the cops who shot him ... I can understand the need to take him out as effectively as possible if there was a threat that he may have been about to detonate. At the same time, again, a bit better identification of potential terrorists could have prevented this.
There are some disturbing reports that the undercover cops did not identify themselves until they had him on the ground, second before pumping 5 or 8 rounds into him. Specifically, there seem to be no witnesses who recall the cops identifying themselves. If this was the case, then the whole process needs a total overhaul. Or maybe some good training. I do feel sorry for the trigger-puller; his intentions were good, and he was doing his job, but I imagine he’s felling a bit messed up now. Remember, he’s only a cop, and likely this was his first kill. Cops killing people rarely happens in the UK.
My opinion of the guy (assuming he knew they were cops): He didn’t want to be deported. He wasn’t too bright. He seen no issue with running onto a train. He didn’t expect to get shot, or maybe he wanted to avoid any police violence by staying in a public place. Like a train. Bad choice. So he put his life on the line to stay in the UK and lost out.
So what happens when this warm weather goes away in London and people (even arabs) start wearing heavy coats? Is everybody gonna be a suspect? I guess everybody is now. Sad situation.
At the least, this whole affair will ensure 2 things: Undercover cops will make sure to identify themselves.. Suspects being persued will be more likely to give themselves up.
This all for sure shows the cops mean business.
On that note, looks like they actually caught one of the potential bombers. Alive. Excellent!! Hopefully they will prise some useful facts out of him and make another few arrests. I’m sure vee have vays of making you talk. hahahahhaha

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dick! said...

Fair points. I cant argue any of them. Its very unfortunate for all involved in the shooting and their families.

The sad common denominator in travasties such as these(bombings, subway shootings) is inocent people are going to be killed on both ends of terrorism. The terrorist kill the innocent as well as the "good guys" while trying to learn and fine tune their skills and procedures in fighting terror.

There are probably a 10,000 deaths a year(conservatively) of people simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not too many of them get any kind of press or recognition on the scale that the brazillian is. Given these sad events DO happen I am hopeful that some value comes out of this shooting. I agree with dermo in that improvements will be made in the whole process of british police identifying themselves better and 'suspects' as well as actual terrorists getting how serious this matter is.

You're right..this sort of thing is rare in england so I am hopeful that it gets hammered home that the "free world" isn't going to tolerate terrorism from anyone.

On a side note and in a very politically incorrect tone..I must admit that I was happy about 2 things. The british police taking such lethal action on this suspect. and the bombing that took place in Egypt. I do not condone the killing of innocent lives in any way, shape or form but I did feel glad that one of the meccas that harbors terrorism(egypt) was a victim of it themselves. I'm sure that they thought, "WTF!?..we should be safe from this". The world needs to work together to fight terrorism. No one country can be effective doing it alone.