Sunday, July 24, 2005

4 little bangs and one massive mistake

Referring back to the blog on 7/21 … well it seems it was #2, bad explosives. Again, my theory stands true. The majority of bad men are not rocket scientists, if they were the world would be a very very bad place. What a let-off for London though. Take that lucky break anytime!

One of the post-little bang witnesses said they seen a guy on the floor with a ripped rucksack wondering why he was still alive. Kinda morbidly comical.

So the Metropolitan Police messed up a little. Well, a lot. Shooting a Brazilian for a “terrorist” threat. I really have mixed feelings about the whole affair. Had he appeared to be middle-eastern, perhaps some justification (albeit very wrong anyway) could be given to account for the trigger-happy approach. He didn’t appear middle-eastern. I can understand the cops (assuming it was the cops) being under orders to shoot to kill to avoid a potential attack, but were they just a little jumpy, and perhaps a bit under-trained in recognizing a real potential threat. So, some guys in plain clothes with guns chased a foreign national. Now, maybe where he’s from, people in plain clothes conduct robberies, posing as undercover cops, and he wanted to not be robbed. Or, maybe he was in some kinda mild trouble and wanted to avoid this by running from the cops, and doing like in the movies, jumping onto a departing train. Either way he’s dead now, a “cop” has blood on his hands, some witnesses are traumatized, and the police look very bad. Nasty no-win situation.

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callitlikeIseeIt said...

Dumbass! Its a tradegy that the brazillian got shot down but people have to be smarter in this day and age. London just got bombed. That fool was wearing a heavy padded coat in the middle of july. He was ordered to halt on numerous occasions. He jumped the toll gate. he was in a very public place as opposed to a dark corner when he got shot down so I doubt that robbery was a fear of his. There is more to this story I believe. Clearer thinking on his end would have prevented 5 slugs in his head.
I feel worse for the cops and the witnesses than I do for him and his family.