Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hong Chang Xing - HotPot in Shanghai - LOOK AT THE MENU ITEMS NAMES!

Shanghai, China. Hotpot.

This means having a large metal dish of water on a table in which you cook your food prior to eating it.

Such a place is Hong Chang Xing. Now, before we got into the food - another post - the menu provided us Westerners much entertainment. The translations were a wee bit off. In fairness, if I were to translate from English to Chinese - I would be clueless. In any event....

Sea Hibernation of Insects Head

Smoking Ducks Tongue (had this - interesting!)

The Hand Grasps the Mutton (??)

OK, some places in the states talk about "MSG Free". Not in this place. Quite proud of its:
Wind Monosodium Glutamate Duck

Hot Fries the Diced Chicken

Black Pepper Cowboy Bone

Soak the Pepper Chicken Feet.
Not too bad, in comparison to.....

Bad Chicken Feet!!!!

The Brine Goes All Out By Defeat the Basin

Three Silks very much in USA are fragile

Not sure what this was, but
It Resembles Honey!