Sunday, July 10, 2005

The rest of Sunday

Had enough of the office so I ‘broke the back’ of the report, and left. Then I helped move teh heaviest TV in the universe. We spent the afternoon walking around the nature trail, in the shade of the trees. It was pleasant. Lots of noises from bugs and birds. We didn’t see any deer this time. Maybe next time.

On the wayt home we stopped into the Asian supermarket. Cool stuff. We got some interesting sauces, noodles, dried squid and other fish. And got home and felt too tired to cook any of it. Easy-cook dinner this evening.

Why is it that most of the products in Asian stores have the cooking instructins in some language that I don’t understand???? Does add to the mystery of what will come out at the end of the cookin.

Sore crazy woman in a ugly brown jeep liberty tried to kill us when we were getting onto I75. Note to self: When merging, assume people already on the road will speed up to cut you off, then balme you.Stupid woman.
Well, we’re sitting on the deck as I put this together. MFMCC has just ran off as she thinks she put her $40 birthday money thru the washer. It’s still reallllly hot out here now. 88 deg F at 7:40 in the evening. Kinda heat that makes ya wanna go ughhhhhhhh after a relatively busy day.

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