Thursday, July 21, 2005

attack of the extremists #2??

Back at work after 2 days in my basement working on long tedious documents. Working from home is good at times, but it could drive a body stir crazy. Its actually nice to be back.

I did arrive in a bit late today as I was watching the tv reports of the ‘attacks’ in London. Scary. TV said there were bombs, and, like probably the rest of the world assumed it was going to be like 2 weeks ago, lots of dead people chaos and so on. Thankfully I was wrong. Only one injury. Seems the bombs were only detonators. So who done this one? Here are my theories and why:

  1. The same people as the last one. Only this time, it was a reminder that they can do what they like, when they like.
  2. The same people as the last one. Only this time they had a bad batch of explosives.
  3. Some nutters who wanted to prove the vulnerability of the london underground.
  4. Some other group doing a copycat type thing.

My guess is 1. Which is scary. What was also scary was the ages of the suicide bombers from the last one. Kids. Just kids. Brainwashed kids who were willing to give up their lives for this cause. This one’s gonna be on very steep uphill battle if this kinda behavior is ever gonna be stamped out. Or do we just accept that this is the modern world?

NPR also has an interesting article this morning, I caught the tail end of it. Jails are producing Islamic extremists. Bad men go to jail, and gain enlightenment through the teaching of islam. But this isn’t the peaceful teaching, its teaching from extremists. So, men who know how to be bad for their personal gain go to jail. They leave jail, still being bad, but now they will be bad for a different cause. And, maybe, a lot badder. Very scary.

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