Sunday, October 30, 2005


Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Scout Camping

The above one is lunch being cooked. The fire ended up bing one of the biggest so far, burining a face chord in less that 2 nights, along with anything else we could find. The other two are baloon-lake type things. We heard a flame throwing hoise and reckoned it was either a camper determined on a very impressive fire, or a hot air baloon. Evidently it was the latter. In fact there was 3 of them. I liked the reflections, so here they are.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

It's still about and it is horrible!

Some crap pisses me right off. Motorfamilymotorcitychick told me about this. The littlest family member here was playing a soccer game on Saturday. The ref was a teenager, and appeared to be of Asian origin. Now apparently he wasn't the most proficient ref in the world, he made a few bad calls and seemed more interested in being a teenager than a ref. In fact he was apparently terrible.

Fine. It happens. Tkae a poor ref as one of the playing conditions, and play on.

So, one of the mothers on the sideline commented that he should learn the rules of American soccer. Her daughter pointed out that he was American. The mother replied, no he's not he is Chinese.


So, I am a soccer coach, I get no complaints about my origin or knowledge of soccer (except once.. more later). The only thing seperating me from this kid is that I don't look foriegn. Chances are he was probably born here or has lived here for a lot longer than me.

This is a case of the nasty nasty underlying racism that seems to be very strong in existnace around some parts. Now in fairness I have never felt discriminated against here much.. except for one issue which i sorted out with the leftovers of a curry and a skipfull ofguinness.. more on that later if need be.

A lot of otherwise decent people seem to have issues with people who look different. I dont look that different so I dont get hassled. Those who do look different are reffered to as foriegners. They are likely American Citizens, I'm not.

So the whole skin color predudice is still alive and well... it's nasty nasty nasty

Elsewhere RIP Rosa Parks. Now there's one a American I would have liked to shake hands with. Boy, I love a rebel!! Maybe there is something in MY heritage raising its lovely head there.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Seems appropriate this time of year!

Yay!~!~!~!~! HOCKEY'S BACK!~!~!~!
~~~~~~ GO WINGS ~~~~~~

We seen this guy in DC a few moths ago.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Wildlife in our yard

Heres a couple of pics from our yard.. we have a regular zoo on our doorstep.The little guy below is known as chipper by the majority of our household

The guy above doesnt live in our yard, this is the house across the road. I thought it was pretty cool.
I intend to photo the possum who lives around ere sometime soon,,,

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ya know what annoys me?

Well a whole host of things. Ingrowing toenails. Birds crapping on my car. Especially ugly ones.

Tonight... Poker on the freakin sports channel POKER!!.. NOT A SPORT!!!!!!!! Dumbasses.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Detroit's baddest road.. which is really sayin something

I think I now know the most mental freeway in the world. ..I696. To keep up with the traffic, you either have to be doing 85+ mph, or, moments later, less than 10mph.

I now take this route to and from work. It's crazy. Today, I seen somone who obviously had missed their exit, reversing along the shoulder.

There is a state police place just off it; I don't think the cops even venture onto it. I now understand why they dont let hazardous mateerial carrying trucks onto it. Cos they are so much more likely to be blown up!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The last day Tram was calling the shots in Comerica

We got some pretty good tickets to this one!!! Goodbye Alan Trammell. Mixed feelings about that; he done quite a lot of godd... but not enough.
Unfortunately the sox went on to win.
Dumb sox. Better than the Yankees though
On the plus side, DY was pulled in to pinch hit, and although he really didn't do much, we gt to see him play!!


Monday, October 03, 2005

Big turkey vultures

These were on our neighbors garage roof in early september. Note the furry lunch at their feet.