Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Hawkeye State

Back in town again, was out for a few days in Iowa. Experienced small town America. As I was driving back from the airport it occurred to me that my abode for the previous 3 days could have been on another planet. The speed of life is not huge here, but it is comparatively speedy. Everything from the bright lights, mixed ethnicity, air, is different.

Stupid plane was an hour late or so boarding. Then we sat on the stupid runway for 45 minutes cos it was storming in Detroit. I hate flying. No, I hate waiting to fly. The flight was cool, took a kinda roundabout way back, ands it was clear for a good portion of the way so the ariel view was amazing. Struck me how dominant the road grid system is in some parts of America, even in the middle of the country. We flew north east to traverse, then east to Saginaw and then south to Detroit. Nice trip. Pity it took so long. Northwest seats are tiny and uncomfortable too.
Wow, its getting thundery out there.

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