Sunday, February 19, 2006

we're heading southbound...

I was sent to Florida, specifically Orlando, nanospecifically Disneyworld for a conference. As it was during the winter break, we decieded to go as a family. Except we didnt tell the little dudes about where we were going. So here is what we did. Starting today. Most blogs will be drafts till I get to properly read.

Day 1

We set out at 6:30 AM, 2 hours later than planned. The Michigan temperature was 7 degrees F. Pretty cold. Of course the kids thought we were going to a hotel in Tennessee where all that would he happening was me working and them in the pool for a few days

We made it through Michigan (which was cool, empty roads), and then into Ohio. Cruise control enabled. Ohio is way too flat. We seen Flag City USA and a few other bits and pieces. And a couple of cop cars. Nothing too interesting. Cincinnati looks like it could be fun, but the weather was nasty; light snow and all sorts of salt and stuff blowing up onto the car.

So, we entered Kentucky, and stopped at the welcome center, The weather was causing accidents on the freeway but none really affected us.Temperature 22 degrees.

The mountains in Kentucky looked very nice. Due to the nasty weather, we didnt take any photos as they probably would have looked bad anyway. So onwards we went and reached Tennessee. Welcome center again.
This is the mountains I speak of. I did not take this photo but ya get the picture

Again lots of pretty hills, now with swow on them Still dang cold and visibility was poor due to snowy conditions, I also ran out of washer fluid and had to stop off as I was totally unable to look out the window.

By now the kids knew we were near the hotel; the first one of the trip. All us parents had to do was find one. We had planned to keep going until we felt like stopping; that happened in Chattanooga. We drove downtown, seen a hotel, called it and the extortionate rate they wanted for a 1-bed room (which was all that was available) caused us to venture to the burbs where we found a really nice little basic hotel across the road from a restaurant. We booked in, had dinner which included the most delicious steak and beer I've had in a long time. By this stage my batteries were well and truly dead, so we went back to the hotel and slept.

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