Monday, February 20, 2006

Still moving down the map...

Day 2

We woke up on a cool Sunday morning in Tennessee. After breakfast, we hit the road heading south. After only a few miles, we hit the Georgia state line. Georgia was on my mind. I think that must be the state slogan. It was written everywhere. There were also millions of peaches. Peaches for me. Millions of peaches. But they weren't free.

Again, there were a whole lot of nice mountains. Our stops in Georgia consisted of gas stops, bathroom breaks and a spot to get some food from the King Of Culinary Evilness, McDonalds.

It is bad, but it is easy to eat while on the road and it fills a kinda gap. OK that gap may well be an artery, but once in a while is no harm. We passed through Atlanta. Perhaps next time we will stop. Here's a pic we took. of the road. in Atlanta

Anyway, onwards and onwards. We eventually came to the Florida state line.The boy said "whay did that say welcome to Florida? Thats not right" and so on. And then seen the sign for the Florida Welcome Center. And wanted to know why it said we were in Florida when we weren't. So we pulled in and the kids were completely shocked and the boy then said "I knew it" Yea? So why are you so excited and surprised. We went into the welcome center (Which is a nice one), picked up the obligatory maps and sampled some Florida grape fruit juice.

Onwards. We stopped at another rest stop where there was this sign.

And this tree.

And we drove on. We got onto Florida's Toll Road, and hit the first traffic of the trip. Maybe that was why they were not charging tolls. We eventually got onto Interstate 4. And headed the wrong way. But with nifty co-pilot and driver co-ordination we soon were righted and back on track. 10 hours after setting out we hit our destination. Including diversions, 1240 miles.

The room at the resort was very nice, aztec looking. After settling in, guzzling a couple of beers, we headed to the on site restaurant. Which had a 2 hour wait. So we decided to head downtown Disney. Where we found similar waiting times except in some swanky looking place on a dock. So we went there. The place was not swanky. The food was overpriced and mediocre at best. But they had a captive audience, we were hungry and tired so we ate, paid and left.

BAck to the hotel, and sleep. Ahh.

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