Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In the sunshine. bliss. Its not snowing!

Day 3

Woke up a little tired. On Sunday night, I bought some tickets to the park. Not cheap. But that set our plans for Monday, my only real day work free on this "vacation". We hit the Magic Kingdom, hard and fast. The nice thing about Disney resorts is that you can catch a bus to anywhere. But not the other way.. more on that at the end of this chapter. So we got the bus to the Magic Kingdom, got there about 9, just after opening. And this is what we seen.

As y'all can see, it's a bit foggy. And as y'all can read, I'm gettin into this sutherin' talkin stuff. Do we went and seen Mickey gettin his picture taken with a load of people, way too may for us to line up for. But we got the picture of good ol' fascist Walt with the world's most famous mouse. At least in brass.

So, we went on. We went through Mickey's and Minnie's houses. I was surprised; I woulda thought they would have been cohabitating. Maybe that is not appropriate behavior in the Big Mouse world. We then took some rides, rotating cups of tea, indy speedway (kids drove) and a mini roller coaster. And then onto the bigger rollercoaster, thunder mountain. Which was funny. Momma (see, southern again) was a long way the most scared. I have the video footage. And then onto the Island. Another story.

A friend of mine, his daughters were visiting Orlando the same time of us, with their grandmother. I spoke to him last week, he asked me to say hello to his daughters in Orlando. I replied, yea, there will be just us and them next week in Orlando, sure I'll say hi. So.. guess what.. yep, on the island, we met one of the girls. Whom I photographed and sent the pic back to her dad for proof.

So on we went. We went through splash mountain. Then the pirates of the Caribbean. Then the swiss family robison tree house. We observed the magic carpet thing and we couldn't be bothered lining up for an eternity for that, but I took this photo.

Then we were returning to wherever and passed the haunted house, which was closed due to technical problems. Then there wasn't so we got to front of the line. To the big oak door. There we waited with a gazillion people behind us. We knocked on the door, no one answered. We waited, and waited. Eventually after a lifetime, a "spooky" lady opened the door and in a deep transylvanian accent told us "hello, ve've been vaiting for you". The boy looked at her and said, "yea right, WE'VE been waiting for YOU!!" Which was funny, by her grumy reaction.

We done the Mickey's and Donald's 3-d movie, and the small small world and the sleeping beauty ride, and finally Dumbo's flying elephant ride. Flying elephants? Without drugs. Brilliant!

And then we had enough. Here, now is my issue with disney transportation. Now any report of mine would not be a report without some whine. Here it is. We had decided to go do downtown disney for dinner decisively. dd(f)dd. So, ya'd think you could get a bus from any disney resort to downtown disney. No. The center told us to take one bus, the driver told us not to. then we had to take a boat. Yep, a great big boat. Across a lake. It was nice bit we needed food, beer wine and fruit juice. After the boat, a long walk, Then a 20 min wait for another bus.

Dinner was had at Planet Hollywood. My batteries in the digi cam ran out, but it was pretty cool seein teh original Herbie, the players kits for the mighty ducks and lots more. The burger and salad was great and the beer was amazin. It would be.

Again, thereafter, bus, hotel and sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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