Thursday, February 23, 2006

I could get used to this heat in february

Day 5

Today was first day of the conference per say. It is cool here in that you can walk out yer room and get transported to your conference via golf cart. You have absolutely no way of burning off the calories form last night's burgers. But, as it was with me, I wanted to avoid sweating into the shirt I had on and would have on all day, so I took the cart. Beautiful morning, sun blue skies, and a great reflection over the lake. Naturally I had no camera with me.

On arrival at the conference area I had to return to the hotel room as I received a call that there was a problem in our office (1240 miles away) that needed sorting. Disney have charging for services all tied up. You can get net access at your room. $10/day. Or at the conference center. $more. You can't use your connection at both. So I went back to the room and sorted stuff out and back to the conference. Lots of nice warm air in between.

Afternoon. Avoided an irrelevant talk about outer space stuff although I sometimes feel I'm more on that line than most; anyway, I ran out early, quck change of clothing, got call from work, quick change back, sorted it, changed again, hired a little boat and went pedal boating with the gang. Fun fun fun. I love the water. even lake water, even manufactured lake!

From there, we all went back to the room. And then me and the boy went to the pool.where we swam and slided and swam. Nice pool. Here's today's whine. It's a repeated one. Smokers, please don't smoke especially where there are kids around. There was a bar, which is nice, but there were a lot of people standing around smoking. Maybe this is something Disney needs to sort out.

We got ourselves ready and headed back to downtown Disney, where we went and had dinner at the House Of Blues. We sat on the deck listening to a guy play guitar and sing. We bought his cd; I just cant remember what he is called. But anyway. Nice food, it just took an eternity to get to us; apparently the kitchen was backed up. And our server forgot to give me back my credit card. All in all it was ok. So that was day 5.

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