Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 6

Day 6

Conference day 2. All good there. Nice lunch too.

After the conference, we met up and went to Epcot. We got special deal tickets where they were cheaper after 4pm. Trouble was, when we got there some of the rides were too full up. Like the one where you fly over trees and stuff. But we went to the interactive Finding Nemo thing, where all the kids got to talk to Crush, dude. It was funny. Then we done the ride through time in the big golf ball. See the pic. It is always good, and seems to be a nice way of educating the kids.

We also did a space ride, which was like one of those simulator things that throws you through a load of angles and g-forces. Nobody got sick, but the little girl was panicking as she could not reach her controls and was scared we were all going to crash. So I had to take over. Thrilling ride! But that was it as far as rides were concerned, the ridey parts were closing and there was a lot more to see in the world places.

From there we went and had some Mexican food, beer and margarita. And then the Dutch and German store, where we had more beer and wine and the kids hade grape juice, aka kid wine. We looked at some vikings, and went into the china area, looked at japan, and then went to find a spot to watch what I consider the most impressive fireworks show on earth. I guess they do it every night so they must be getting good at it. Pics below....

I also found out how to control exposure time on the digi camera. See below for results....

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