Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Week Over... Superbowls, possums, SBC, and other stuff.

Oh well. Sunday night again.

Points from the last week:

  • Ireland played France yesterday in the Six Nations. It seemed to me that, 52 minutes into the game, it suddenly dawned on the Irish lads that it was actually the game. No further messing around. The game was on. So start playing. Unfortunately they lost.
  • And so did Italy.
  • The redwings beat the Av's again today which is always a good thing.
  • The winter Olympics started. More on that one later I hope. I had a couple of observations.
  • We had lunch at the Green Lantern today. About the best pizza around. I never thought double pepperoni could taste so nice.
  • There is a possum living in our garage. He looks nice; I dunno why people hate these fellas. He made me jump when I walked in there, but he was totally timid. A certain chick then decided that talking to him and feeding him cat food would entice him out. Nope. I dunno what to do.
  • Stupid phone line went out again. Sixth time in a year and a half. And we are paying like $70 a month!! SBC man one turns up on Friday; while he is here SBC phones Superchick on her cell to say someone will be out. She said he's already here. Then they left. Did they fix the issue? No! So SBC man two, who was a nice guy turned up yesterday and told us, after playin with wires, that it was a problem between here and the office and it would take them til sometime Monday to fix it. And goes away. Then my neighbor comes in and say, "hey I see the SBC people were here, cos my phone has gone out." Yay!! Not only could they not fix ours, the broke out neighbors in the process.... Today, they fixed his, but ours is still out. .... Change-of-serviceation about to ensue!!! Grrrr!
  • Superbowl 40 has left Detroit. The game was not very good; the better team won, but the refs were all over the shop. Now it's back to business for tha D, but at least maybe the world can now see that Detroit in not all murders, shooting, gangs and muggers. Although, there still are enough suburbanites who wont venture there for a game or whatever.
  • Friday morning commute was the nastiest I've encountered in a long time. Light snow and ice at rush hour. I left the madness of 696 after seeing many bashed up cars and taking 40 minutes to travel 4 miles. Then someone in a crown vic nearly took me out by doing a 180 on telegraph. But I made it.
  • Thats all for now.

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