Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Maybury State Park, Michigan

Last Sunday, we visited Maybury State Park. I’ve seen signs for it for a long time and thought it was about time to give it a go. As ever Mich DNR did not let us down.

It’s on the site of an old sanatorium – a place where people with TB were quarantined, treated and kept until well. Apparently the pathways and paved trails were originally roads on the huge facility. It closed in 1969 when, thankfully the illnesses that it treated had declined. Here and there, there are little signs telling bits of history about the place. Real interesting! There is a huge amount more information about the place at http://www.mayburysanatorium.com/. For some reason, places like that fascinate me.

Anyway, the day was great – the park is really nice, great hiking trails, streams, horses (which we did not ride, apparently they don’t do dog saddles), and fishing.

The majority of the pics we took had people in them, and those don’t get posted. So here are a couple without...

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Karli said...

These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for spreading the word!