Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dick's Last Resort Chicago - Beatles Brunch - The Cavern Beat

Sunday Morning in Chicago was fun – we caught the shuttle to Navy Pier, but this time, we walked the opposite direction. We were heading towards Dick’s Last Resort!

I had read all about this place – and we visited the one in Boston last year – so we were prepared for a fun time and lots of insults. We had fun, but the insults did not come – perhaps it was the mellow Sunday morning.

Dick’s on a Sunday morning features a Beatles Brunch – You can eat to the sound of The Cavern Beat, an early-era Beatles tribute band. More about this great bunch of lads later..

But first, the food!

The brunch was top notch. They had breakfast cereal, and a ton of fruit. And bagels and a load of cheese. And bacon, tons of it, sausages, gravy and the works. They could make you an omelet if you wished, with any number of fillings. Then, the –unch part of brunch – on offer was a mountain of big juicy shrimps, a huge platter of smoked salmon, breaded chicken, roast smoked turkey, ham, pasta, crab cakes, and lots of other things I can’t remember. So we feasted. Again and again! We got our money’s worth for sure.

And then I made an interesting discovery. I seen they had a chocolate fountain. Along side a marshmallow mountain, and a big bowl of the juiciest strawberries. And some angel cake, and chocolate éclairs. Cos you can always add chocolate to a chocolate éclair. When I relayed this news to the family, my son was so excited he fell off his chair! Really!

They also had a Bloody Mary bar, but I didn’t go there.

The food was amazing – I would highly recommend this place. The décor was fun, and our server was good – he brought us drinks. My daughter covered herself in chocolate – nice on a pink t-shirt.

And the band. The Cavern Beat. Easily the best sounding, most fun Beatles tribute band I’ve seen. What I really liked about them was their non-run-of-the-mill approach. Yes, they could have played all the crowd pleasing favorites, and done ok doing it, but they went for a nice mix of the well known songs, and other not-so well known songs like You’re Going to Lose That Girl, Kansas City, Baby’s in Black. Musically, these guys were tight as a knot. They were dressed like the beatles, right down to hairstyles. Heck, they even spoke in a scouse accent. “Paul” went so far as to have the full wide-opened look! Fabulous!

Stu, the band’s manager came over and chatted with us. He’s a nice guy – he was really proud of the band, and so he should be.

Bottom line is this – if you are ever in Chicago and it’s Sunday morning – check out Dick’s Last Resort. Bring your appetite, your wallet and your ears and you will leave the place happy.

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