Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1st Camping Trip Of The Year - Pontiac Lake State Park

Pontiac Lake State Park - IT'S NOT IN PONTIAC!

We finally got out into a state park for a couple of night this past weekend - we've camped here before so we knew the layout. It truly is one really nice park - and thankfully not at all overcrowded. From speaking to one of the DNR people, she explained that it's likely that a lot of people associate this park with Pontiac - hence the slogan above! Although maybe we shouldn't publicize it.

Our camping area was great - grassy, spacious, a couple of trees for partial shelter. And, unlike last year at Hudson Lake, there were not too many bugs.

Activities were as follows - Friday evening - tent setup, food (chili), fire, relaxation, and a couple of beers. Saturday breakfast (Chili - for me anyway), then fishing - the DNR had put on some fishing demonstrations for the kids - it was really good. Then lunch, then beach - swimming and splashing - then a big long hike in the woods, then dinner then relaxation. Sunday was breakfast, then a DNR mammal education thing for the kids, then tent packing and home. Nice!

So, here are some random poorly taken photos.

Above - I have nothing to back this up, but trust me, it was about 4-5 inches in diameter.

Here's the beach from under the tree which ma wife sat with the dawg while me and the kids went for a swim - the dawg was not allowed on the beach.

This is one of the views from the hilltop on our great big hike.

That's a corner of the lake in which we fished. I'm sure there are some big bass swimming under those lilly pads, but all we caught was a bunch of little blue gill.

And last of all, here's our dawg. Who chewed through her leash, unknown to us, and then proceeded to not even try to run away.

All in all, it was a great weekend - quiet park, nice weather, fun for big people and kids, and the great outdoors.

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