Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Vick - My thoughts.

So Michael Vick has pleaded not guilty to dog fighting charges. A surprise? Naah. Of course he is pleading not guilty. If he didn't do it, then he should plead not guilty, if he did do it, then he is not too bright (NFL guy earning a load of cash, and a million things to amuse him apart from one involving causing great pain to dogs), and maybe figures that he will get off.

Here's the thing. I hope that it was him. Because it was someone, and they have him. He is already indicted, and every person who is caught is one less cruel person free, and hopefully the powers that be have pinpointed one.

Naturally, if he is not guilty, then he must not be convicted. Wrong convictions are a double evil.

But if it was him, then he can be made a prime example. He needs to be sentenced to the full extent of the law.

My opinion only - he says he had no knowledge or involvement. He was in a house with 55 dogs, and some dog-fighting "contraptions". Now, be he directly involved or not, it would have been pretty hard for him not to at least be aware - and therefore allowing it to happen. Which, in my eyes is guilty. You don't let that kind of cruelty happen, least of all under your own roof.

I see the Falcons told him not to turn up to training camp. Surprised? Not now - they are running a business called Football, and they can do without all the bad publicity. If he clears his name - then that's another story - we will see.

/just my thoughts.

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