Friday, July 27, 2007

Chicago Cultural Center

All right. On day whatever it was in Chicago, we headed towards Ed Debevics for lunchy breach. That's lunch because you were too slack to make it out in time for breakfast even though you intended to - as distinct from brunch which is an intentional meal. More on that soon.

It turned out to be an interesting morning - we took the train to Millennium Park, and found ourselves at the Chicago Cultural Center. I've walked by there many times and never known what was in there - now I do, and I wished I'd gone there sooner. There is a lot of interesting stuff to see - granted, it may be more interesting to the kids in a few years time.

We were limited to the pics you see below - all the rest were not allowed - and I can see why. There were some really old tapestry stitchings there - flash photography might do some irreparable damage.

Anyway, I stuck to taking pics of the building itself - this place used to be the Chicago Public Library. the photos are average - but they show what the place is like.

Nice lights....

And nice floors

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