Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Stuff that bothers n bugs me - #1 Back-To-Back Commercial breaks during Red Wings intermissions.

I might as well start numbering these whines. Maybe I’ll do a happier “things that make me smile” when I’m in a better mood.

I was watching the mighty game of hockey on last night, between the Detroit Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks. It was a pretty good game, not as fun to watch as the previous one, but they got the job done. 2-0 over the sharks, winning the series 4-2. The shark tank was supposed to be intimidating – c’mon, it’s in California – what are they gonna do? Text-message the wings with displeased comments?

Anyway, I enjoy watching hockey on Fox Detroit. I like listening to Ken Daniels, Mickey Redmond, and, between periods, Larry Murphy as well. What I DON’T like is, during the period intermissions, the LOAD of commercials I have to watch, most of all, when one set ends, they show a shot of the stadium, or wherever, and announce that they will be right back – THEN RUN INTO ANOTHER SET OF STUPID COMMERCIALS!!!

C’mon Fox (or Versus, or whoever). I know you need to make cash, but at least give me a reason to watch the intermission – I’ll watch some commercials, but not that many!

Oh yeah.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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