Friday, May 25, 2007


I was given a pair of really really good Pistons tickets for last night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers - playoffs game 2 of the conference finals.
These were easily the most expensive tickets I've had for a sporting event - at $280 each, they were somewhat out of my range, but boy were they good. We were about 10 rows behind the Pistons bench, for sure the closest I've been even during regular season.
The game was awesome - Pistons done their usual of falling behind in the first half, only to pull it back in the second. They effectively won by a point - even though the score said 3, Chauncy Billups was fouled with 1 second to go, and sent them both home. In any event, all was good - the Pistons seemed to be not firing on all cylinders (pun entirely intended), but they still got the job done.
Detroit in 5.

We also seen a heavily pregnant girl with her bulge painted as a basketball! Sweet!

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