Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Detroit Red Wings 5. Anaheim Ducks 0.
Man I was happy with last nights performance. The Wings outplayed the Ducks in every aspect, including smart play. 5-0. Way above my predictions.
Dominic Hasek was amazing - to me, star of the game. A few decent saves early in the game took the wind out of the ducks, and it was all easy from there.
Holmstrom took a heavy hit, but survived it and was back on the ice after getting sewn back up - will be interesting to see in Pronger gets into more trouble over this. I'm thinking that it's the end of the incident - mainly due to the fact that Homer proved he wasn't too broken by returning. But we will see.
Now the Wings need to turn the screw tomorrow night, to allow them to finish it all up on Sunday on home ice. And progress to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Game 4 - Wings 4, Ducks 3. Wings win in OT
Game 5 - Ducks 1, Wings 3

Now to keep my fantasy team alive, lets hope the Sabres can turn around and route the Senators.....

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