Sunday, May 20, 2007

Detroit Sports Update - Brought to you by Me!

Since I wrote here last, the Wings lost Game 4 v the Ducks. It was a highly annoying game - Detroit played well enough to win, but somehow Anaheim beat them.
That just makes it a lot more interesting for todays game - back here in at the Joe - with the series now tied at 2-2, if Detroit can keep winning at home, it will be on to meet the Senators.
Talking of which, I watched the Sabres-Senators game yesterday; not impressive, and I think Detroit can beat either of these teams in the finals.

Chris Pronger will be back today - I don't see this as an advantage to the Ducks at all. The wings tend to play to the conditions (excep in the 5-0 win - they totally took advantage of the conditions). I guess Pronger should count himself lucky that this is the "new" NHL - otherwise he might be looking for a battering today, following his nasty hit om Homer.

I will not make any predictions - seeing as how it went horribly wrong last time. - JUST GO WINGS!

I caught the end of the Tigers-cardinals games both yesterday and Friday - Today the tigers go for the sweep... why could they not have done this last October?? In any event, apart from the Boston blip, they are doing quite OK without Zumaya and Kenny. It'll be good to see how they change when the Gambler recovers and retakes the mound.

The Pistons started winning again - they beat Big Ben and his Bulls. Now it's on to see off Cleveland. With my limited knowledge of the NBA, it should not be too difficult for them.

The Lions - still not losing since I posted last...

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