Saturday, October 11, 2008

Torino Lamborghini Town Life - a little car in Modena, Italy

Wednesday afternoon, wandering around Modena, I spotted a car I'd never seen before... see below!

A pretty bizare little thing, looked like the Nissan Micra, VW Beetle, and the Smart ForTwo all mated and had a baby, and painted it red.
After asking the interwebs, it turns out it's a Town Life, a car made by the Torino Lamborghini company - owned by, yep, Torino Lamborghini, who is the son of the famous Ferruccio Lamborghini, known for some inconspicuous sports cars.

Interestingly, this car comes with a choice of 3 power options - 505cc 15 hp gas engine, or with 505cc 5.4 hp Lombardini diesel engine, or Helektra which uses a 5.5 hp electric motor.

Made in Italy. For Italy. But it looks like a blast!


Car fiend said...

the car is made by Tonino Lamborghini, with an N not an R. Torino is the city. Whilst i have nothing much to do with the company any more I named it, based on Dr. Lamborghini's initials!

Anonymous said...

Lovely car. I'd like to own it, even if I'd be the laugh of the town after that.

Unknown said...

Is it possible to have one of these made to be road legal in the US?