Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About the worst quality pictures from Paris, France you'll see....

It's pretty difficult t take photos when you're in a moving Smart ForTwo on Paris streets that are mainly cobblestones and it's still dawn. So below are my best efforts from today and yesterday.

Above, the Eiffel Tower, below, an early morning Champs Elysees. Pre-tourist time.

Above, a typical brasserie - there are hundreds like it (note the awning covering the 'outdoor 'part - it's there the smokers sit). Below is a bridge over the River Siene.

More Champs Elysees above, and below is just around the corner from where I stayed.

Above, you can just about see La Defense in the distance. I visited there years ago. Not this time. And below is L'Arc de Triomph.

The restaurant on the corner (L'Carre) above is where I had dinner last night. Lamb shank and some kinda wheat. Expensive, but tasty. Everything is expensive here in Paris. Meal consisted of started, 1 bottle of beer, main course, and one glass of Saint Emillion wine. 50 Euros. That's somewhere between $70 and $100, depending on what time of day you check the exchange rate these days. But the food was delicious.

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