Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sunday in Ludwigsburg

As there were some work shenanigans happening over the previous couple of days, I had to make Sunday my last day (for a while) in Ludwigsburg. I checked out of the hotel, and had a bunch of hours to spare before my flight time. So I went for a walk.

I visited the Palace that I had been ar the day before and seen that it was even bigger than I thought; in fact about 4 times bigger, with lots of statues and stuff. Apparently if is Germany’s biggest baroque palace – but isn’t everywhere? I did not go for a walk inside it; I wanted to cover as much of Ludwigsburg on foot as I could in a short period.

There seemed to be some fancy looking gardens there too – I guess they are nicer in the summer.

Across a busy road was some kind of a park, with a strange looking building on top of a hill. From reading afterward, it’s Jagdschlösschen Favorite, which, I gather, equates to a kind of hunting lodge / rest / retreat / happy place for the palace residents. It’s now used as a place for weddings and TV shows - I think.

I could see why it would have been a hunting lodge – there was a huge amount of deer in the surrounding park

I came across an interesting root/stump. Well, interesting to me anyway.

From there, I walked back to the market square - I seen this the night before- I gotta say, Ludwigsburg seems very quiet at night.

Seems they have graffiti in Ludwigsburg - seemed out of place!

The market square had some churches and a memorial in the middle.

People were filing out of one of the churches - it was all very calm - really nice Sunday morning!

I got stopped by a guy wearing a red jacket and a curly mullet who seemed to have issues with me taking photos - he spoke only in German, so I guess I will never know what he wanted..

From there, I walked back to the hotel and drove to the airport - a really nice trip. There I stood around ad waited for my flight to Austria... Bye bye to Ludwigsburg.. for now!


Josefine said...

Hello there! You seem to have not wandered very far and do not say much about the town. I grew up there and went to study in Berlin. I now live in London. I have been to visit Ludwigsburg this weekend to see my father. I did not get to see much of the town. My father says the train station is now a shopping mall with a train line attached to it. He is quite right.
I only just thought of googling Ludwigsburg and discovered this site! It never occured to me before!! I was actually hoping to find something about what happened to the Jewish population during the 1930's and 40's. No luck so far.
Good wishes,

motorfamilymotorcityman said...

No - it was purely a business trip - I intend to visit more of it next time. There's a lot to see there - I like it.

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