Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Amsterdam, DETROIT!!!!!

I didn't get much chance to take many photos on my return to ths Stuttgart area - it was off the plane, into a car - my colleague took responsibility for the car - a really nice 3-series beamer - and straight to work. And hotel (Nestor - see earlier post), food, work, food etc etc.

The above photo amused my little brain.

On my final night there, we all went to a really nice Italian restaurant in the Market Square in Ludswigburg. I had a salmon pizza - it was awesome. Never had a salmon pizza before. It's a pity I can;t remember the restaurants name.

Two random German Countryside pics - above mid-wee, below on the way to the airport.

And onto Stuttgart airport, my time in Europe was up. The whole check-in time took forever - I guess it's all part of travel these days.
Observing Germany, there are a few things that were evident to me even in the airport. You know, it's the little differences, as Samuel L said. Example: escalators. It's pretty hard to find one going down in Germany- plenty going up. Which to me makes sense You have gravity on your side - there were a few elevators to go down in, but why have constant down escalators? Also, the up escalators seemed to go into sleep mode when not in use - to be re-activated when triggered by an optical sensor at the bottom. Again, makes sense in an energy conservation way.

And from there to Amsterdam Schiphol- another 286-mile walk. And onto a plane and back to Detroit on time to the snow and rain - and the comfort of my home and family and dog and just general niceness - it felt great. Ahhhhh!

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