Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Nestor Hotel, Ludwigsburg.

I need to mention the hotel - as good things should be mentioned.

This place was cool. A really nice hotel. My room was up on the top floor, with a great view of the steeple across the road.

Early-ish view from my room

Room was large by European standards. One thing that amused me was the tv sound (granted most was in German). There was a speaker in the bathroom so you could listen in to your favorite show while in there.

The staff are super friendly; and the food was good. Breakfast was a great big breakfast buffet, and for some reason I was expecting the proverbial “continental” breakfast. Nope. I had a choice of eggs, bacon, sausages, cheeses, cold meats, juices and lots of other stuff, including smoked salmon. I love smoked salmon. Never had it for breakfast before..

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