Monday, July 21, 2008

Nonna Lisa's in Mackinaw City - Ristorante Italiano?

Dinner evening 1. Nonna Lisa's was well advertised on the web and around the hotel. And it was within comfortable walking distance on what turned out to be a slightly cool evening.

Upon entering the restaurant, it's lack of Italianess struck me. There were loads of dead animals hanging on the walls, and on the ground all over the place. But, in fairness, it is Up North, so you get to expect that kind thing.

Hold on. That looks like an African lion. In Michigan?

Really nice furniture too - tables and chairs that appear to be cut straight from the tree.

And a jukebox.

In it's description, the words 'authentic' and 'traditional' were used. If that's authentic, traditional Italian, then they were a wee bit out. American-Italian, sure. Not a gripe - just an observation.

Starters was, for all, calamari. Unlike the Kona, this was delicious. Really really nice.

Main for me was pizza, with anchovies, tomato, and basil on it. It was great - on first impressions it looked small, but by half way through it, I was disappointed that I was filling up- I wanted to continue! I did eat more...

Wife had shrimp pasta with a creamy sauce. It looked nice - and she said it was - and what I tasted was. In fact she said it was delicious. Wife happy -> me happy.

Boy kid has fettuchine alfredo, which he ate the whole lot without complaining - nor barely allowing any to touch the sides. Girl kid had meatballs with linguine. Turned out to be meatball. Only on, but it was bigger than a golf ball. She ate all the meat, and some of the pasta, and only got a little sauce on herself.

As we were 'on vacation' we splashed out and got a bottle of wine. Da Vinci Chianti. Pretty reasonable at about $23 a bottle - if memory serves me right. Nice wine - had it before and liked it then too. Boy Kid took the photo below.... just to prove the wine existed.

Desert was something I passed on - I generally do. the others had Tiramisu. there seemed to be few complaints. Or talking, so I believe it was enjoyed.

Service. Our server was a young lad who done his best to keep us happy. Well, us and a lot of other people too - he seemed overworked. In fairness, he done OK. No complaints.

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