Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Horn's Gaslight Bar - Mackinac Island - Magical Nachos & Top Service

After coming down from Fort Mackinac, hunger was raising its dizzy head. We checked a few menus, and were almost tempted to go into the "Irish" bar, but the Horn's Gaslight Bar & Restaurant seemed the most appealing. Especially with two kids in tow.

It kinda reminded me of pubs in England with high finished ceilings and a long bar with mirrors behind it. Except, unlike the English pubs I used to go to, it was very unsmokey (Granted, all pubs in England have to be smoke free these days.) No, nice, big, and airy.
I can't remember the name of our server, but she was smiley, happy, and dang efficient. Beer was served - Sam Adams Cherry Wheat - complete with a cherry - the beer didn't stay in the glass too long - it was thirsty work doing all that walking. So I had another.

From the menu, I ordered the Super Nachos with chicken - which turned out to be some kinda delicious spicy chicken. JalapeƱos, olives, salsa, and all the works were piled on - with loads of fresh cheeses. Good thing I only ordered a half order!

Now usually nachos are not to the spice level I like, and here was no different. Not a criticism, as not many like spice to my lavel, but when I usually ask for hot sauce, I'm given either Frank's Hot, or Tabasco. In here, our wonderful server took me a choice - whihc included Cholula - my absolute favorite daytime chili sauce. One more good mark for this place.

Our daughter had grilled cheese & fries - we believe it was good - because she ate it all - I guess it may be possible to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich, but not here.

Wife had a chicken Fajita wrap - also no complaints - came with chips, and a spicy dip, as ya can see below. It was large - I had some of the other half.

The boy had a cheeseburger, which he ate at such speed we feared for the safety of his fingers. And as such, gave me no chance to take a pic. But use yer imagination, it was a burger in a bun with fries in a basket. There!

The price is something I can't recall exactly, except it was real reasonable. Horn's Gaslight Bar certainly got the thumbs up from the Motorfamily. It's like the Pad Thai on the menu of the local Thai place, which I always order - I'm sure there are other great bars and restaurants on the Island, but like the Pad Thai, it's going to be pretty hard to deviate from Horns on our next trip.

And they have music in the evening. Next time..

UPDATE: For those of us with Mackinac withdrawal symptoms, Horn's has a webcam!!! Click here for it, and enjoy the island from afar!

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