Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac - Grand Theft!

Alright, so we didn't stay at the Grand. I doubt if I will - it seems to be one of these things in life that separates the rich (or those who pretend to be) from the rest of us.

The $15 charge to even enter the lobby (or, i guess, walk down the street in front). What is that all about? To keep out the riff-raff'???? I wonder how much they actually make on people going ion there just to look?

Proper dress????? Coat and tie? No slacks on chicks? Dang!

Nice garden. But it would want to be.

You know, I don't have much of a problem with The Grand being an expensive hotel, nor indeed with the dress code. It really is the stupid $15 charge to even get into the lobby that gets me. The place has historical relevance, but it's not the White House!!!! Part of the reason it's in business is because there are so many people come to the Island and maintain the Main Street & ferry businesses - without them I doubt the hotel would exist - or maybe it would and have to be much more expensive. So what does the Grand do? Charge 'ordinary' people an arm and a leg to see how grand it is?? It would have cost us $60 to even get in!

In fairness, I might be able to afford to stay there. But out of principle, I won't ever. I will stay on the Isalnd, but not there.

Anyway, here's a sign showing where William Backhouse Astor. I've not managed to find out who he is yet. Probably because I didn't try.

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