Saturday, September 29, 2007

Zombies in Royal Oak

It's amazing what you see in Royal Oak. Today's fun was the annual (?) Zombie Walk.

The undead arose and congregated at the train station parking lot, preparing to wander around the streets of the city, looking for flesh.

Just a regular guy sippin on a bottle of power steering fluid.

That's a lot of blood!

With so much lost blood and injuries, it was comforting to see a medical professional in attendance.

RED Hot Chilli Zombers?

Now isn't that some lovely nighttime attire?
Even complete with fluffy slippers!

A delightful chap!

Happy couple.

There is something surreal about a green lady with a crow on her head using a digital camera.

A resident who might have issues with Royal Oak turning into a zombie.

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1 comment:

kat said...

It was a bunch of fun..
I'm surprised i made the top finals!

hah well anyhow it was a bit tough trying to be both my eyes and my brother.. constantly having to hold on to him to be sure that he doesn't hit someone in the head with his boat ore.

well anyhow.. good job keep up the good work i really enjoy the zombie walks :]

your nurse,