Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Magic in Royal Oak - Christmas Parade - Miracle Madness - SANTA'S FIRST STOP IN MICHIGAN!!!

UPDATE: 2008 Parade HERE!!

OK, I had some issues picking a title for this post so I used them all.

Last Saturday, we made an appearance at the annual Christmas parade in Royal Oak. This was our third one; we missed last year as we had a pre-booked trip to Cereal City - the Kellogg's attraction which has since felt the Michigan squeeze. Well, no apparent squeeze around here, as the parade seems to be getting bigger each time I see it.

On a personal level, there was a difference this year. All the little uns in out family were part of the parade, so me and my wonderful wife got to watch the parade on our own - well apart from the other couple of thousand people, of course.

As we had to deliver the kids to where they needed to be, we were early to find a space to stand on the curb. Good thing too - people were all over the place booking their spots with chairs, blankets, dogs, babies. It was cold too - thankfully we were strategically positioned near to Pronto's, who had a coffee and cocoa table in operation.

Anyways, here are some pics of the parade.....

Pre-parade street-level view.... ok, I thought it was cool.

A float getting all psyched up for the big event

Some sorta clown....

A fire truck.

Now that is one big flag

Not to be outdone, the Canadians turned up with a big flag too.

And some Canadian ladies riding horses in an unconventional way. Funny Canadians!

It wouldn't be a parade without a mob of cat-stranglers.

Or the world-famous Candy Band!

A car.

Another car.

And a dung cart.

The Wizard Of Oz! There was me thinking he played in goal for the Red Wings.

And people riding bikes. Or should that be ikes? Yikes!


The Miracle's Dancing Entourage. Obviously not feeling the cold. Although they do look a little blue!

And the man himself. It's a miracle! Or 2.


Alexicon said...

If you by any chance have any pictures of the Noir Leather group, please post them. I was hula hooping in with that group in the parade and can't seem to find any pictures of us online...Boo.

motorfamilymotorcityman said...


If you go to the 2008 parade - Link at the top of this post.. you will see some pics from this year - including a couple of Noir ones!

Alexicon said...

I was hoping for some of the Fire Fabulon group that was apart of that group.
Thanks anyway!