Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oslo, Norway. A bunch of quickly taken photos.

I was sent to Oslo on business - being that I'd never been to Norway before, I was quite excited.

We were booked into a hotel somewhere near the airport - it was apparently the only hotel under $500 a night. Quite a strange building - see photos below.The hanger-looking structures are the rooms, all accessed by a central corridor. Very modern indeed. I forgot to take some snaps of the rooms - but they were clean, comfy and crisp.

After arriving, we took a drive into the center of Oslo. What surprised me was the amount of American cars, SUVs and trucks on the road.

They seem to like their statues bronze and without clothes.

Norwegian people, from my experience there, are really nice and friendly. And they eat a lot of fish. And whales.

I have no idea what the sculpture above signified, but it looked cool.

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Cool Pics.