Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Detroit Tigers v Tampa Bay Devil Rays - 2nd game in 3 nights!

We found ourselves going to a Tigers game again last night. No complaints here - I love that ball park. This time, it was a Cub Scout outing. Myself, my son and two friends of his traveled down to Detroit together, to meet up with some other parents and cub scouts.

We parked on one of the empty-space parking lots on Woodward - $10 again. Pretty close to Comerica - and, availability of peanuts on the way in. Is it me or do the bags of nuts seem smaller than last year? Wow - even the street peanut sellers are cashing in on victory.

This time, we were in the upper deck, just a little past first base. Again, an awesome view. And also, somewhat in the shadows, which was a good thing as it was around 80 degrees and really humid.

There were frequent interruptions to my watching of the game. Remember, I had 3 small boys in my charge, so hot dogs, soda, bathrooms, cotton candy, tigers store, all had to be done. Yep, it all adds to the fun for the kids.

Thankfully the Tigers actually showed up to this one. You'd kinda hope they would - Tampa Bay currently have the worst record in baseball. But the Tigers were pretty determined to keep us worried. 1-1 at the end of the first, 2-1 Detroit after the 3rd, 4-2 Tampa after the 5th. At this point, I said to my friend that Detroit would blow it open in the 6th. I was expecting a 7-run inning. It never happened - no runs.

Things got more positive in the 7th. The tigers hit back with 4 big runs, started out by a home run by Sean Casey. The Tigers were ahead 6-4.

It's amazing how a bit of positive play can make the park come alive. People were on their feet, Let's Go Tigers was ringing out all over the place. The Mexican wave was in full flow and people were actually participating. Even the beach balls came out in the bleachers!

Our scouts were screaming "Bring on Pudge". Unfortunately he had a sore ankle and couldn’t make it.

It was all good. Fernando Rodney, now back in health, came on and was flawless, to take the game to the 9th. Todd Jones, who normally does a great job of getting me really worried each time he steps to the mound, stepped up and closed out the game cleanly.

Yay! We won.

I really must bring my camera.

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