Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Detroit Tigers v Tampa Bay Devil Rays - 3nd game in 4 nights! I love this!!!

Guess where I went last night?

This time, we parked same place as before. For some unbeknown reason, it was $5 this time. Are parking spaces less valuable on Tuesday?

The nuts cost the same.

Last night was a little different - I went with my wife and 4 friends. No kids. That meant we could watch the game without any cotton candy.

We sat infield, but as nosebleed as the seats could be. We were top row, with our backs to the fence. Still, it was a great view of the game.

Looking at the clouds, I was quite concerned that the game would be called.

It wasn't.

My trip down there on Saturday must have kicked them Tigers into shape. They played really well, and for the first time in my trips there, they held the opposing team to 0 in the first. The Tigers scored one, however. Good start!

Somewhere in there, Curtis Granderson was caught stealing for the first time this year.

The tigers dominated right up to the 8th inning, having pumped in 6 runs, when Tampa Bay came right back to tie it all up at 6-6. Determined to not be beaten, the Tigers came back with a stunning 3-run bottom of the 8th. Good job!!

It was all good fun We won again and, even though the Devil Rays are a poor team, we need victories like this to ignite the race for the playoffs.

We won.

I took my camera! Yay!

The scoreboard before the game

A random Detroit shot

I turned around and took the above shot. That is one nice theater.

Kinda similar shot - just later. No funny color addition stuff - that's how it looked.

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