Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When is news not news?

Inspired in part by the incomparable wisdom of the folks at Cartalk..

When it is a local magazine show. When I turn on the "news", I'm not interested in how to lose 10 lbs, how to cook a low fat low whatever meal using a slipper, or what the latest Hollywood rich person whom I could care less about has divorced/married/sued or whatever.
What happened to TV news?

Also, Weather. A friend of mine has been pretty accurate to date in interpolating the weather forecasts on local tv. Snowstorm.. they predict, say, 4 to 8 inches. Take the lower number and divide it in half. It works.
TV weather forecasting is now more intent on scaring the bejeepers out of the audience so that we'll sit through the mind-numbing commercials to make sure we see part 2 of the soap opera that used to be meteorology.

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