Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Summer Camping

We recently went camping to Holly Rec Area. It was a whole lotta fun. We done everthing from kickball to canooeing to kayaking to roasting marshmallows to running through the woods

Our friends made a white chilli. Awsome!!!!!

I like chilli. Je t'aime mon chilli. In the middle of saturday night some noise woke me. I thought it was someone roaming around out tents. I snuck outside quietly. just quitely enough to not disturn a small black furry creature with a white stripe on his back... i retreated quietly before i got sprayed. The resulting mess was what caused the little guys here to have some lettuce to munch onOn a tree near the lake I seen the above.. I'm still a little unsure what it is.. silkworms? help?
Our neighbors were in a massive RV, with this attached to it. THIS IS NOT CAMPING!!! On my planet, camping means no tv. not even dish.

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