Monday, August 15, 2005

Indiana, baby showers and Jimmy Dean

Just spent Saturday and Sunday in Indianapolis. Sister-in-law was having a baby shower. It turned out to be a boozy baby shower. Despite heat in the mid-90’s, we managed to put away a lot of Guinness. The mom-to-be received a bucket load of gifts. Maybe I’m set in me ways, but it all seemed a bit too organized. With us, people brought gifts and all was well received. On the other hand, the expectant parents get gifts they really need, not stuff they are not gonna use of duplicated stuff. I dunno. I’ll get used to it.
All together we had a great weekend.
Avoided speeding much on the way there and back, and as such got no tickets. Yay!
Saturday night ended with us standing up, drinking beer and eating hot good spicy chili topped with cheese, using tortilla chips as spoons. Quality. Makes a nice mixture when ya factor in the beans and Guinness.
Sunday mornin we went for breakfast at an Irish pub / restaurant in Indy. The Claddagh Ring. Nice place, decent Guinness, and great food. On the way home we stopped off at Fairmont Indiana, the home of James Dean. “Where cool went to school”. We visited the James Dean gift store, his old school, where he bought his first motorbike, the house he grew up in and then his grave. His grave was particularly difficult to find, not helped by the fact it was pissin rain. In the end, it was blindingly obvious, and right in front of us.
We forgot our camera, so the picture here is one I found on the net.The drive home after this was pretty much uneventful.
We got home and one of our neighbors gave us some of the biggest zucchinis I’d ever seen. No joking, they were a foot and a half long.
And then I slept. And slept.


callitlikeIseeIt said...

Sounds like a cool trip. The James Dean side trip is especially cool. I'm suprised we didnt hear about camping yet.

motorfamilymotorcityman said...

Camping blog is under draft, with a couple of pics. The james dean thing was the idea of the sideburned bartender.