Saturday, August 13, 2005

Friday night. Beer. Etc

Dizzy night Friday, a good friend was leaving town on Saturday, so drinks were consumed in her honor. Lots. Fun evening all around. Met her family for the first time. She under-explained how cool they all were, or more so, how much fun they were. Good Luck WoodChuck!!!
Also met an old friend who is a teacher of 14-15 year olds. He enjoys his job. Dunno how, but he does. Commendable.


callitlikeIseeIt said...

anyone I know?

motorfamilymotorcityman said...

Keeping this blog annonymous, or rather coded.. lets see. The teacher used to work with us, like making brownies and using handcream. The girl leaving is someone you havnt met methinks, she used to work here at the front desk. She's cool. All the cool people dont work with me anymore. Its gettin crap.