Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mackinac Bridge Builders - The Mackinaw Bridge Museum

Here's a picture I took in the summer of 2008.
OK, my time travel machine has had a couple of glitches and as such, I had to resort to taking a picture of a picture in the Mackinaw Bridge Museum.

It's an interesting place that was somewhat under construction, but we got to see a cool movie about how the bridge was build, and all the obstacles they had to overcome.

The museum is located above Mama Mia's Pizza, in Mackinaw City. Food smelled good, but we wern't hungry.


We learned that the bridge opened on Noverber 1st, 1957. Before that, ferries were used to ship hunters (and others) to the UP - and that was only when Lake Michigan could be crossed, ie. when it wasn't frozen.

There is some original equipment from the building on display there still.
including hats...

an a small scale model!

Anyway's here's two more photos of pics. I recommend the museum - it's worth a visit.
Bridge Under Construction
Interesting one of the bride under construction....

with a steamboat going under the half-built Mighty Mack.

But go and see the pictures in person. They are better!

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