Thursday, June 26, 2008

Detroit from the river - Diamond Jack's Tour Boat

I chaperoned on a school tour in Detroit - a bit different from the norm - we took Diamond Jack's River Boat Tour along the Detroit River. I gotta say - the city looks a lot different from the water.

After being welcomed on the boat by a really friendly crew, we set sail - and had a running commentary of what we were looking at...

The Ren Cen from the other side

The Manoogian Mansion. Partytime!! Hold on, there was no party!

Chene Park Auditorium

Canada. Or, I told the kids, Canadia. (Well, I asked them. You're American. From America. Why can't Canadians be from Canadia?)

Water pumping thingy

A Canadian casino

A distillery.

A native Canadian Elephant. Eh.

The mail boat. J.W. Westcott II - Apparently the only boat to have its own zip code - 48222

The Ambassador Bridge

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