Thursday, May 29, 2008

B-Bar-A in April - And the Boy Scout Museum

Recently, we took what was probably our last trip to D-Bar-A with my son as a Cub scout.

The weather was excellent - no rain, and not too hot. Friday night was hobo pie night - I made the camp fire and we all sat around with pie irons. Them things are great - there is an endless amount of recipes you can put in there. I got frowned upon for making a cherry-cheese pie, but it did taste unique - and good.
Saturday morning, I was involved with fire again. This time, it was breakfast. I was the Bacon-ator - using a large griddle and an indoor stove, I knocked out enough bacon to feed 77 people. The fat caught fire a bunch of times and my arms lost some hair - but it was a small price to pay for fried pig. Beside me, my good friend was pumping out the french toast - they didn't catch fire. Lesson for the future - if you values your arms, cook french toast.

Anyway the weekend went pretty well, despite some adult disagreements which I won't go into here.

We did see a pair of what I believe were Michigan Water Snakes - see below.
I assume it it a mother with her young - but I'm not sure. It was pretty cool to get close enough to take the photo - I don;t even know if they bite - thankfully they chose not to show us. They simply lay there, then looked at us, and then wriggled of into the pond.

Having gone there for years, we never managed to get in to the Boy Scout Museum. This time, we walked up the door, and one of the (I assume) resident D-Bar-A guys seen us and invited us in.

The museum is cool! Lots and lots of bits and pieces from scout groups over many, many years. Below are just a few pics from our visit.

And here's some random pics of D-Bar-A from near the museum. It really is a nice place - and certainly already holds a lot of memories for me.

And, a Totem Pole!

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