Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gas and Lawn Mowers and Health and things

Ah gas is getting expensive again. I bought a gallon of gas for the lawn mower yesterday $3.95.99 a gallon. The complaining is everywhere.

This brought me back to a previous post.

It seems be time to walk a bit more instead of driving. Works for everyone. Added to what I said in the linked post, if people walked more or rode their bikes, they would be healthier. (Of course, that's only true if they don't get hit by an Hummer or Escalade driving to Costco to save 3 cents a gallon).

But assuming walkers or bikers survive, they would ultimately get more exercise, and get less sick. And, therefore need to spend less on health care - as a result, save money.

And less sick people should mean lower health insurance costs! So we all win!!!!!!

Granted I drove to the gas station to get lawn mower gas, and I could have went and bought a pushy non-motorized lawn mower, Heck I could have made a manual ride on lawn mower - see below!!!!

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