Sunday, April 13, 2008

Leon and Lulu - Skate On In!

My wife got really excited about a store a couple of weeks ago. She had gone there mid-week, and insisted that we all should go see it. So off we went to it's 'Terrible Two's" birthday bash - an event that doubled as a fund raiser for the Gilda's Club.

The store that caused this excitement was Leon and Lulu in Clawson. Now, to label this store is no easy task. It's a furniture-gift-book-nicknack-toy store. And it's a lot of fun.

What makes this place pretty unique is that it's located in Clawson's old Ambassador roller rink. There's a lot of evidence of this scattered all around the store - it just adds to the diverseness of the place.

There's still a lot of the skate rink stuff here - Above is the lobby

The original score board. I don't know what games they play in a roller rink - roller hockey?

Now if it wasn't enough fun wandering around this roller-rink-emporium with a coffee, Gilda's were havening all sorts of flying monkey contests. These little monkeys had elasticated arms , which, then pulled and released, propelled the whole monkey across the room. And, if you wanted to have even more fun, you could aim it at a table with bottle-targets, and if you're a sharp-shooter like me, hit a little bottle and win a fabulous (!) Foot In The Door doorstop!!
OK, mine was black but this was all I could find.

Lots of little wind-up old-time toys - these were the kind of things I had a child.

The pic above and below are chalk boards , with notes from patrons of the original roller rink, detailing their injuries and memories.

Above and below - just some of the bits and pieces they sell there.....

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