Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dog Poop DNA

On another website, I posted something about this - here are the bare bones now that I have 5 mins to spare.

I was out with my mutt one morning recently - and a really nice morning it was. We were walking past some stores when we seen a guy walking his black lab (I think) ahead of us - he stopped as the dog went onto a small somewhat grassy areas right next to the sidewalk. I slowed up a little - my pooch can be overly friendly and jumpy (she's still got a lot of pup in her).

Eventually we reached where they had stopped. Quite close to the sidewalk was a steaming heap. Black lab man was too far ahead to say anything - although he may well deny it. To me it was pretty undeniable that it was his dog - you generally don't allow your dog to sniff poop.. and thats where the dog had spent some time... Man that makes me mad - stupid irresponsible show-off dog owners who probably own dogs to look cool.

I'm not sure if I was glad I was out of the 2 bags I took with me - if I had one I may have felt compelled to pick up some one else's dirty work.

Anyway, through discussions, I came up with the National Dog Poop DNA Registry concept - or NDPDR as I like to call it.

We all required to resister our dogs, i.e. license them. What if it were mandatory to submit a poop sample with the paperwork for the license? (just think, a wee sandwich bag with poop in it stapled to the application and rabies shot cert). The city would then run a DNA test, and record the results. They can then do with the poop what they wish - although what to do with it would likely get buried in bureaucratic, well, crap.

But seriously - look at the benefits.

No need for dog-chipping - a dog gets lost and picked up by animal control- check out its DNA and off you go!
Dogs phantom-crap on your lawn or sidewalk - take a photo and a sample - and you'll catch the offender!
Dog hits the town and barfs in your doorway - a swab and you know where he lives to exact revenge!
Parental canine disagreements - DNA is all on record!
Mutt involved in violent crime - he better not leave a hair or we'll nail the scoundrel!

Ah, the possibilities are endless.

But imagine the newspaper headline!

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Anonymous said...

What a brilliant, repeat, brilliant idea.

Dog poo is just as offensive in Europe as it is in America and, presumably, beyond!

Name, Shame and Educate (even Prosecute?). Plus remove, or at least mark in some bio-degradable way to warn kids, and awake all dog owners to a problem which we have to deal with in the interest of our pooches and other canines world wide.

Over here, the main culprits seem to be owners of bigger dogs. It’s more of a handful to cope with perhaps.

How can we move forward?


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